The Drake-ictionary

Everyone keeps telling me to write down Drake’s weird words because he’s nearly 2 and still doesn’t say much that makes actual sense. He basically speaks his own language but am I worried? Not really. His communication skills are top notch it’s just actual English words that seem to be alluding us. Here are some… Continue reading The Drake-ictionary

Dear Diary – Today we took the train

I have a thing that I do to make myself stick to a plan. That thing is to say the plan outloud as much as possible because then I have to do it otherwise Drake will be disappointed. So yesterday I told Drake hundreds of times that him and Mummy were going to go on… Continue reading Dear Diary – Today we took the train

Dear Diary – Today we got a haircut

My child is blessed with a gorgeous mop of blonde hair and has been since birth excluding the brief period of frontal baldness that plagues most newborns. Unfortunately he has never been a fan of having a hair cut and has screamed in 3 different barbers faces. Luckily for me his Nanny is a hairdresser… Continue reading Dear Diary – Today we got a haircut

Pregnancy Diary – Week 23

So now I have only got 16 weeks left of pregnancy (hopefully) I thought it would be cool to (try) and do a weekly diary. Apart from providing entertainment to the mass’s I think it would be awesome to show my little one someday – look this is what happened to Mummy and Daddy when… Continue reading Pregnancy Diary – Week 23