The Drake-ictionary

Everyone keeps telling me to write down Drake’s weird words because he’s nearly 2 and still doesn’t say much that makes actual sense.

He basically speaks his own language but am I worried? Not really. His communication skills are top notch it’s just actual English words that seem to be alluding us. Here are some of his ‘words’ and I will add to it as the list grows.

YAYA – Eggs (interestingly this is also the polish word for Egg.) possible Polish baby??

GAGA – Playpark. Sometimes we think he’s saying Granny but more often that not it is Park.

Dodosh – jury is still out on this one but he says a lot with the conviction of an English professor reading a dictionary.

Babish – Genuinely don’t have a clue but he says it often.

Dadish – he often says bye to this but we have no idea what he is saying bye to??

Dodol – Emoji Movie. No idea why but he has called it this from day one.

Daaaarr – Cat. He can say C and he can say AT but ask him to say cat and he just says Daaaarr.

Raaaaa – Lion King. Pretty obvious that one.

Bam-Bam- melon which around the age of 2.5 evolved to Tata-BamBam and now at 3 he can say Water Melon hurrah!

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