Dear Diary – Today we took the train

I have a thing that I do to make myself stick to a plan. That thing is to say the plan outloud as much as possible because then I have to do it otherwise Drake will be disappointed. So yesterday I told Drake hundreds of times that him and Mummy were going to go on the train together, and once I had said it I absolutely had to do it otherwise he would hate me forever.

The plan was to mooch around town having got the train in, grab some food and hit up a soft play before coming home. I had planned to go out all day because the big kid I.e. Giles, has a new PS4 game and a day off work. I was also badly in need of some proper mummy son time having spent most of last weekend gallivanting child free at various events. Also Friday is my day off work so it’s usually ‘our day.’

By the time I had gotten my shit together, which included walking to the post office at 7.30am to pick up the hallowed PS4 game that he apparently ‘got free with lots of special gamer points because he is such an amazing gamer.’ This was the response when I asked why the actual fucking fuck was he buying shit THIS CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS. I mean WTF am I supposed to tell my Mum to buy him now??? And of course that is bullshit anyway, ‘special’ gamer points. I’m not bloody stupid. He has failed to get one over on me in 6 years of marriage.

So anyway by the time I am sorted and the house is clean(ish) it’s 10am and actually it’s quite close to nap time so we might aswell wait until after the nap then head out, which turns a day out into an afternoon out but that’s still fine. During the nap I assembled some flat pack furniture so I could spend the rest of the day feeling like a total boss which was a big bonus.

We eventually made it out about midday, and dispite a small panic internally from me about how I would get the buggy onto the train, we survived the 10 minute journey and hit the shops. (FYI be careful about buggy wheels getting caught in that elusive gap they always mind you about.) We even managed a small amount of Christmas shopping in Boots and only chucked crisps once, so that was a huge victory. Still dont know why I have not learnt never ever to give him the whole pack? It will only end in tears; mine because he’s upp ended a new packed of quavers in the tampon aisle; and his because well, the pack is now empty.

So having shopped I decided we would eat at softplay because it doesn’t normally matter if your kid has a meltdown over a tuna sandwich at softplay. So we tried out a new place called Pupstation which is right in town and having munched our Tuna sandwiches I dutifully followed Drake around the softplay for a couple of hours, stopping briefly for a coffee and an orange. I actually quite like softplay because it’s kind of like an army assault course if you’re an adult what with all the crawling and ducking and climbing. Plus Drake’s a big fan of going down slides but won’t go down without me so I get to excitedly shout ‘Weeeeeee’ over and over and pretend I am doing it just for his benefit.

Having softplay’d ourselves out we jumped on a train home, and I stupidly thought it would be nice for us to sit down rather than keep him in the buggy like we did on the way there; which was a big mistake because he just wanted to climb on the seats and/or me. But even so I think he enjoyed it because just as we were pulling into home he gave me the biggest smile and snuggled into me with his head on my shoulder and if he could have I am sure he would have said he loved me. He then chatted all the way back home to himself saying Mama Mama and actually chose me over his Dad for a cuddle when we got home which pretty much never happens. So I can’t help but sit down on the sofa once he’s tucked up in bed and think that possibly that £3.50 train ticket and £10 softplay and sandwich session was the best money I have ever spent.

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