Dear Diary – Today I forgot the buggy

Yesterday I whalzed out of work with just my keys and phone in my hand and only realised I had left my bag when I was paying (or not as was the case) for Soy Sauce in Lidl. So my first stop this morning was work for my purse then town for some shopping.

I’m not a huge fan of shopping with Drake because if he’s not eating he’s shouting so my usual tactic is to just give him something time consuming to eat while I run shop to shop and try my hardest not to browse or stop still for long enough for the wailing anti-browser to get wind that I might be trying to make a difficult purchasing choice that he must hinder by shouting or chucking crisps on the floor.

So anyway just as I’m parking, a dark cloud descends on my soul as I realise I have forgotten the buggy. My first thought is to rush home and get it but I really don’t want to waste so much time so my second thought is to push on without the buggy. It’s a tall order as I’m solo and I have bags but I tell myself I can do it and worse case is I just carry him and my back breaks and I’m paralysed for the rest of my life.

Drake looks unbelievably cute in his reins/backpack which thank god I keep in the car because he is great at holding my hand but not so great at standing still when my hands are busy like for example paying for stuff. So we set off at a slow pace and we make it round both shops with no more than a few wilful arm tugs. I’m so proud as he holds my hand and even when he starts moaning for snacks he still walks next to me repeating Banana over and over until I relent and pick him up so we can walk faster back to the car (and snacks.) we are almost at the car when I realise my bladder is about to burst and the closest place is a Costa so we dive in so I can have a wee and of course once I’m inside the easy option is to stay and get lunch rather than eat a picnic of babybel and crisps in the car. I don’t why I do this because I make the WORST on the spot decisions. I only dived into Costa for a wee in their somewhat dark and dank loos but then my spiralling decision making then has us actually eating in the equally dark and dank seating area. Anyone who lives or knows Eastbourne will know that there are so so many lovely coffee house’s in the town centre and I have chosen possibly the worst.

So 1.5 egg sandwiches down plus the other half of one egg sandwich and a muffin to go and we are back on our way to the car. Drake is stuffing bread in his mouth because I have to be back before the parking runs out so I carry him and we eat the rest of his sandwich in the car which leaves both me and my steering wheel covered with egg but honestly I’m so pleased we did our shopping trip without a pram so I don’t really care about the eggy mess that is now my car. I remember thinking once Drake was strapped back into his seat I would get out a baby wipe but now I realise I never did and there is probably still crusty egg stuck to either my car or me.

But our day didn’t end there as filled with new found confidence we ventured to the beach after a quick car nap for him and a muffin break for me we hit the sand and then walked along the beach to meet up with a friend in the park. Of course before we did that Drake had to get as close to the waves as possible without any thought that he would get wet or worse drown so we ended up playing a came of tag with the waves which I inevitably lost so had to continue to the park with one soggy foot but at least a dry toddler.

I will admit that by this point I did end up mostly carrying Drake back to the car because I was impatient and he had an almighty urge to run in the opposite way to where I was going and also into the road so I took the easy all be it back breaking option.

Needless to say by 4pm when we got home for the day we spent the rest of our day on the sofa watching Disney and Drake slept like a log that night.

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