A Day in Our Life

I thought this would be fun to write as I always think to myself when I am rushing around how mental and different life is since firstly having Drake but also since going back to work. The daily dynamic of a working Mum varies so much depending on how much you work and how many kids you have! I am genuinely fascinated by other people’s daily routines so here’s mine on a typical not very typical day.

5.30/6am – wake up hopefully naturally and desperately trawl through Instagram looking at other people’s make up and kids. Maybe read a page of my book before Drake squawks downstairs because the Gro Clock has turned to the sun. Before the Gro Clock I didn’t know what it felt like to wake up naturally as my child thought he was a post man and had to get up at 4am. Now the Gro Clock has entered our lives I can enjoy being pulled awake by the need to either pee, poo, or sometimes both rather than being hauled into consciousness by a wailing toddler.

7am Drake and I enjoy a morning beverage: latte for me, beaker of milk for him. We usually enjoy our beverages with a book or a quick read of the news for me and You Tube videos of trains for him. (For some reason he especially loves German amateur videos of steam trains). SNELL.

7.30am we eat breakfast of weetabix and fruit and I do a bit of cleaning while Drake plays.

8-9am we do a mixture of playing, and household chores while I wait for:

A) Someone to text with an offer of a mornings entertainment.

B) a trades person to arrive

C) the motivation to get my foundation on and leave the house

9am we are usually out the door and off to the supermarket, park, local shops, swimming lesson or anywhere I can let Drake out uninhibited. I can honestly say I probably spend more time at Tesco in a week than I do at work. Especially if I’ve forgotten to pack a snack because well free fruit!

We love a morning park ramble

11am back home so Drake can nap, I do housework and make lunch while multitasking and watching Suits on my ipad.

12-1 Drake wakes up eats lunch and depending on the day I ferry him off to his grandparents or nursery.

1pm I go to work where I mutter murderously under my breath for 4 hours about other peoples ineptitude and try desperately not to bore the pants of my colleagues with my mornings tales of shit filled swim nappies.*

5pm I head out the door and join the traffic to pick up Drake

5.30pm safely back at home I get the dinner on, and install Drake on the sofa with some milk and his beloved German train videos or if I’m lucky he will ask for Ish which is Finding Dory and much nicer background noise. Usually trains win out though. I did once come in and put Moana on before he had a chance to say ‘Brum brum’ (the Q for trains) and he gave me a face that saddened me to my very sole.

6pm Daddy usually arrives home unless he’s stuck somewhere on the M25 and I pour a gin, take off my bra, and put on my Pj’s.

6.30pm it’s bath, book bed and goodnight Vienna

7pm I think of everything I’m going to do now Drake is in bed.

Sometime between 7pm and 10pm I go to bed and don’t regret that I actually did nothing except eat, load the dishwasher and fall asleep in front of Dexter.

*the shit filled swim nappy incident was a particularly nasty post swim change where I spent several minutes frantically wiping shit from basically everything in the changing rooms before the next class came in because I hadn’t realised it was full of shit when I whipped it off Drakes bum – also shit smeared. Oh and I had no wipes.

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