Mum Diaries – Mum Envy (Memvy), Naps, Not Naps, and Milestones.

I woke up yesterday renewed after a weekend of Easter fun – and full of chocolate – and decided I needed to get Drake into a nap routine or at least get him to nap not on me as we have become accustomed to because I simply can’t sit in front of the TV all morning with a sleeping baby as I have become accustomed to. This has nothing to do with the wellbeing of my child and everything to do with the fact that summer is coming and there is going to be a lot less good stuff in my planner. *cough* there is only so long I can rely on a twice weekly TOWIE fix *cough* 

So far so sort of good. We managed half an hour today and a further 15 mins of him being in his cot laughing and groaning sporadically which is what he is doing as I write this. 

20th April

Nap routine out the window today as he had his jabs yesterday and it’s really unsettled him plus i’m off out at 10 so he can nap in the pram. I am pretty much drunk on sleep today as my boy slept 8 till 4.30am!! Then got up at 7 so I got a solid 6 hours. Most sleep i’ve had in one go in 4 bloomin months; however before I get too smuggety smug and start instagramming my fresh faced look – #blessed. I’m sure tomorrow he will start teething or something; but the important thing is he CAN do it and I’m now tantilisingly close to using my ‘I slept through the night’ milestone card which if i’m being honest means more to me than than rolling, walking, picking his nose and crawling. 

Today I also have a mild case Mum Envy (Menvy); I just can’t help but compare myself to other Mums even though we all know what people put on social media isn’t always the full picture. That being said I still can’t help but feel jealous when I see pictures of Mum friends with pristine hair and make-up, fresh faced, drinking wine, #lovinglife, and going to the gym. I just feel like my whole life is Drake and nothing else gets a look in. I can’t remember what alcohol tastes like and I defo dont have time to do a full face of make-up or god forbid a cheeky contour, in fact I got bought a lush mascara for christmas (one of those double ended ones) have I had time to use it? Nope! Plus more importantly I just can’t leave Drake long enough to get a night or even day out because he is so attached to me and hates taking his feed from anything than his mummy milk-churn AKA my boobs. Don’t get me wrong I love it and he is actually great for his Nannies and Granny but could I go out for a whole day or evening? Definately not, especially if alcohol is involved because he will need me when I return. But when I think about it I have my whole life to go out, drink wine, and work out but I only have a limited time to spend with my baby son so I can make my peace with my lack of freedom for now and also try and accept that every baby and parent is different so what works for someone else may not work for me. 

21st April

Happy 4 month Birthday little dude! What a 4 months it has been. We’ve had lows (a lot of lows) highs (possibly not many of those in the early days but defo more now!) And I have probably changed a million variations of shit from my clothes and towels. 

To celebrate we are going to BuggyFit – this is the one thing I do for myself but of course he has to come with me so it’s the best I can do is to combine a little Me Time to keep fit with carting him along having his nap in the buggy. Then we are going to visit his Great Granny who just got released from hospital. She loves Drake although strangly won’t stop calling him Buster which amused me on many levels, mainly that it makes him sound like a dog. 

So what can Drake do at 4 months? Well he can’t roll ( he is v. Lazy like his Mum and simply can’t see the need to do anymore than tuck his legs up and turn to the side especially if the end result is him being stuck belly down knocking his face on the carpet – because why would he want to do that?) I see this as being smart rather than backward. He can grab hold of things and especially enjoys a good old yank of my hair while having his boob or better still garoting me with my own necklace. He can giggle and full on belly laugh which is THE most incredible thing ever. And he can sleep for 8 hours straight although he frequently doesn’t. Oh and he can tell when I’m not in a room and protest at my poor parenting by wailing everytime I try to take a shit. I bet all those #blessed Mums don’t need to poo or else they wait till the baby is in bed to have a good old dump party with a copy of Hello. I once tried to bath after he went to bed but I was so convinced I could hear him crying every 2 minutes I washed my hair and got the hell out of there lest I be caught mid-pit-shave with World War 3 kicking off next door.

Today’s attempt at an afternoon nap culminated in a half hour session of me sitting by his cot with my hand on him while he cried on and off for 30 minutes. So he came out of the cot and half an hour later collapsed on me exhausted while I watched Neighbours. So i’m sort of there with the morning nap but will possibly give up on the afternoon one and just accept that i’ll have to sit on my arse and watch TV with him asleep with my nipple in his mouth. 

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