My first week as a SAHM


Not a bad sleep but could be better think i got 4-5 hours. Decide that i’ll sleep downstairs with Drake during the week as its uncomfortable feeding upstairs and I don’t like waking Giles.

Spend the morning on the sofa with my boobs out watching the same episide of Greys Anatomy over 3 hours due to all the pauses to change nappy/rewind due to staring at babies face or looking at phone. My mother in law pops over so I can nap although annoyingly Drake sleeps soundly all the time she is here.

Finish the day in front of TV watching Tipping Point, The Chase, and probably that same episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


2 hours sleep due to a 3am cluster feed. Wake up and resume position on coach. Cry as soon as Giles leaves as desperation of my sleep deprived state kicks in and Drake is wide awake all morning so no chance of a nap. Feel like putting Drake in a bin just so I can shut my eyes and stop the crying that’s been going on for half an hour.

Consumed by guilt about bin thoughts and cry some more. Kiss his little tear soaked face and tell him I love him. 

My friend comes over with her 6 month old and a bag of baby essentuals what a total babe also gives me a brief break from crying. 

Mother in law comes and lets me sleep for 3 hours. Praise the lord. She also unpacks shopping.

Later mother arrives for moral support and reassuring words.

Feel slightly better but burst into tears when Giles enters the house regardless. Stay this way till bed. Am crap useless mother.


Sleep is much more plentiful tonight 5/6 hours around feeding, feel a little less like crap mother as I sustained baby throughout the night.

Take Drake to visit my old work where he spends the whole visit farting on everyone and lobbing his dummy on the floor.

Nap in the afternoon and resume place on sofa to watch Judge Rinder and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (yay for netflix) 

Sister arrives to hold baby while I have a bath. What a treat! 

Sister in Law arrives with food. What a great day. 


I swear my baby is the noisest sleeper ever. I went upstairs to the big bed at 4am because its like sleeping next to a dinosaur devouring another smaller dinosaur, even through the monitor its so loud! Did get cuddles with Giles though and a shower before he woke up, the simple pleasures!

We go and visit a friend from yoga and her baby and toddler. Toddler is so so cute but only compounded my thoughts that I could definatly not cope with a newborn AND a toddlers energy. It’s so nice to see older babies that can hold their heads up and they all look like giants compared to Drake! 


Spend all day in front of TV excluding quick trip to co-op for lunch. We also play some games with a bog roll tube that I read about in an email. He seems amused by this and after we have a nap which for me is cut short by dinosaur noises. I always miss him so much when he sleeps! 

After our nap he does explosive poo which goes through the nappy, we clean this up and scream for 5 minutes because we have also wee’d on our own face. 

I give him a bath due to all the poo’ing and wee escapades. He appreciates this but does not enjoy getting out, he screams and wee’s up my jumper sleeve.

We finish the day with his first smile

Drake visits my office

Lovely Granny blanket

Lovely naps

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