What’s in a name?

Choosing your babies name is a massive decision – one that they will live with for the rest of their lives. It should not be chosen lightly.

It doesn’t really matter what other people think as long as you – the parents – are happy with it. It doesn’t matter if the name comes from your favourite TV show, favourite celeb, or a treasured family member as long as that name means something to you. 

So where did Drake come from?

Ever since Giles and I started talking about our future kids around 3/4 years ago we always liked the idea of having a baby boy and calling him Drake, I always imagined having a boy so in our heads we always knew we would have a baby Drake. But where did it come from? It’s not a usual name here in the UK or anywhere for that matter but it’s actually Giles’ middle name – Giles Anthony Drake Eadon – and he has it as his middle name because somewhere far far down the family tree he is related to the great explorer Sir Francis Drake. More typically it’s a surname (and in fact one of my midwifes was a Mrs Drake) but Giles always liked the idea of using it as a first name instead and I got used to it to over the years. So when I got pregnant and I thought he might be a boy my growing baby was always a potentual baby Drake.

Of course we had to have a 2nd choice for a girl so I picked Meredith – after Meredith Grey. She might be fictional but that woman is my idol and like I said it doesn’t matter where you get a name from as long as it means something to you. 

The rest of Drake’s names: William – his great grandfather, and Christopher – his grandad were chosen at birth and it might be greedy having two middle names but we wanted the boy to have options and I think the mix of traditional names with something more unusual is good. Oh and Drake also means Dragon which makes me The Mother of Dragons and who woukdn’t want that title.

So there you have it, Drake William Christopher Eadon. 

Not named after a canadian rapper. For the record. 

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