Week 38 – Come on baby! 

I do love my husband. You know when you spend so much time with someone and you live together, your lives basically conjoin. You see them every morning, you make them coffee, you watch Netflix in the evenings after dinner together.

Then you go out, just the 2 of you and spend 4 hours with no one else but each other for company – its not the same as your quick convo in the morning about how much you love the cat (and in Giles’case how much he wants to put her in a bin because she ‘stinks of sardines’) or your chat after work about what you both ate for lunch. It’s quality time. Sounds cheesey but it’s true and when you can spend so much time with someone and STILL fill 4 hours chatting over dinner & drinks I think that’s true love. 

So saturday morning I woke up and being as I am still sans baby I loudly pronounced that we would be going out for dinner that night no matter what the cost because it could be our last night as just a couple. So I booked the family run italian that I had been desperate to try all year and we made plans to go to our favourite wine bar before hand. I would like to point out that I have been pregnant ever since this wine bar opened but it is still my favourite bar in town because they serve de-caf tea at 11pm. It is also not cheap, and I like this because I hate cheap places that are so busy you can’t sit down and have to stand for an hour holding your cheap glass of cab sav (i also hate people who say cab sav!) 

I cannot tell you what we spoke about all evening due to strict spousal priveldge rules but we had the best time stuffing our faces with meat boards and pizza’s and i’m pretty sure if I could have laughed that baby out right in that restaurant I would have done. 

I am now happy that should our baby make an appearance in the next couple of weeks that I have enjoyed every second of my husband and it being ‘just us two’ for the first 3.5 years of our marriage. When I say every second I am of course choosing to ignore the epic wedding guest argument of 2012, the epic smoking argument of 2015, and the epic drinking argument of 2016 where of course I was right on all of those occasions and he was a disgrace. N.B this is my blog so I am allowed to be biased. 

This week has gone by insanely quick which is great because next week is of course Christmas and also my due date hooray! Although we all know the baby has literally no concept of time or dates so really all it means is I am still pregnant, and could still be pregnant in 2017. Although I am going out for a curry tonight (friday) with some of the people from my old office. I am very much looking forward to it and intend to make it a Jalfrezi kind of night which could bring on a whole new level to my following day game of ‘contraction or poo’. A game I have played daily for the last 2 weeks. I am hoping that one can tell the difference having experienced both but so far I am none the wiser and every trip to the loo brings with it a new level of excitement that is quickly snuffed out when it turns out to be a number 2. Or sometimes even, just a fart. 

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