Things I can’t wait to do when I am not pregnant

 Being pregnant is amazing – it really is. Just the shear fact that I have grown something inside me for the last 38 weeks (3 quarters of my year almost) is pretty god damn amazing. I mean this little guy started off life as a tadpole, an egg, and a sleepy Saturday morning in April. My body has been through a lot in the last 9 months and at times it felt like the birth date would never come. So I thought it would be fun, and productive to look ahead at what I can look forward to when I am no longer pregnant seeing as I am so close to the finish line:

  1. The obvious. Wine. Not getting drunk or anything just a whole non-guilt-ridden glass of Malbec or Pinot Noir. That’s all I want. And maybe a Gin and Tonic.
  2. Cheese. Again pretty obvious but I cannot get the thought of Stilton out of my head. Whenever I go to Aldi I stand for a good 5 minutes just staring at the cheese aisle. Stilton, Brie, and Goats Cheese GET IN MY BELLY you filthy beasts!!!
  3. Rare Steak. The theme here seems to be food…. but you have no idea how much I want a big bloody hunk of meat on my plate, if it is still moo’ing then that is fine just let me eat you. (See featured image for my perfect steak combo!)
  4. To be able to put socks on without grunting or gasping for air
  5. To be able to sleep longer than 3 hours without needing a wee. Do you have any idea how long it takes to find my slippers, put them on, take them off and swap them onto the right feet, find my dressing gown, and then go downstairs to the loo? Do that 3 times.
  6. To gain control of my bodily functions – you know when old people get up from their chairs and basically trumpet across the room with each footfall. I’ve been doing that for the last 3 months and I have literally no control over it. To be able to confidently stride from a room without leaving a memento of myself behind will be a real treat.
  7. To be able to lay on my stomach in bed – or better still be able to get into bed without calling ‘Avengers Assemble’ to help get me into position.
  8. To be able to run – or do anything with speed. Like pick up that teabag that I dropped on the kitchen floor 3 days ago.
  9. Laying on the sofa with my husband. Quite simply I no longer fit on the sofa (comfortably) unless I am sideways with my legs elevated. This makes sitting with anyone next to me a little difficult.
  10. Last but definitely not least – because not being pregnant inevitably means that I will have my baby. I cannot WAIT to hold my boy. To hold him in my actual arms and not just in my tummy and to see how much he looks like his Daddy!



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