Week 37 – Baby Shower’s and waiting, lots of waiting.

First of all I have a similar problem to last week in that it is now Thursday and I am placed firmly on my new office chair (a birthing ball) with my laptop out, and I can’t remember what the hell I did yesterday let alone the rest of the week. But I am sure it will come to me.

I did have my baby shower this week – this was also my first ever baby shower as I have never been to one before. My lovely sister organised it with help from my Mum and given that my house has a 6 person max limit due to it’s size we had it at my Mum’s house. To say that this baby has been spoilt is an understatement – he has been literally showered with love and gifts from all angles and I can’t thank my family and friends enough for their generosity. We even have a ‘Team Mcdreamy’ baby grow (If you are not a Grey’s Anatomy fan you won’t get the significance of this i’m afraid.) and a cake made of Nappies. Honestly I was truly blessed and I think we all had a really good time, even if you don’t like babies everyone loves a Marks and Spenser’s buffet right?

Also Maternity Leave rules. I have no idea why I thought that I would get bored; for starters there is so much baby stuff to get ready and so much house to tidy – yes it is possible to clean your shower door 6 times in one day, and also so much stuff on Netflix left undiscovered, oh and don’t even get me started on books that need to be read. Sorry if you are reading this at work but please don’t feel too happy for me as soon my little bubble of domestic bliss will be literally defecated on in a shower of poonami shit explosions, dirty washing, and vomit encrusted clothes.

My typical week day this week has involved waking up at 7 then lying in bed until 9 with a cup of tea or coffee and usually the cat. Sometimes the cat will be accompanied by husband but other times husband is too busy rushing around downstairs complaining that he has no clean shirts. (No clean shirts despite the fact that there are NO shirts in the laundry basket so apparently shirts have to decide for themselves when they are dirty and take themselves to the washing basket probably along with the empty wine bottles in the fridge that must also decide when they are empty and walk themselves out to the recycling.) Once bidding farewell to loving husband and throwing a tupperware of last nights dinner after him that will sit in the car for a week un-eaten, I often think to myself ‘wow, what am I going to do?’ But before I know it it’s lunch time, and then after lunch it’s time to think about dinner and then boom Giles is home and it’s time to start all over again and so it begins again. 

It’s now friday and I have just bleached the bathroom floor with a broom. This was in an effort to take my mind off the fact that I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting for this baby. Mentally I am so so ready – and the nursery is ready – hooray!! So all I am missing in this bubble of domestic lovlyness is my darling baby boy and it is only today, at the end of the week that I have started to ache for him. It must be the nesting hormone because the nest is done, its clean, its tidy, there is a weeks worth of slow cooker dump meals lined up in the freezer. I have even done a final blitz of Mothercare and purchased my video baby monitor which so far has been used to torture the cat when it’s sleeping upstairs and Giles is bored downstairs – turns out all you need for a fun filled evening is a 2 way microphone and a cat in a different room. 

All the nest is waiting for is baby boy and I cant quite believe I have been growing this little guy for 38 weeks now, there is an actual tiny person with his head in my pelvis just waiting to decide when he is no longer comfy in there and make an appearance. I am however going to make the most of it; being as every weekend from now could be our last child free weekend for at least the next 15 years. I expect Giles and I will take advantage and eat our weight in pasta at that Italian i’ve been desparate to go to all year this weekend! 



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