10 Reasons I can’t wait to start Maturnity Leave

It is sunday afternoon and I am on the eve of my last day at work (for the next 10 months anyway). Its a lovely feeling because being my last day I don’t really feel like it’s a proper working day so I don’t have the usual sunday afternoon blues.

So these first few weeks of Mat leave will be presumably sans baby so its pretty unique that i’m not at work but also not looking after my tiny human, I for one am going to take full advantage of this time that I will never have again. Here is what I am most looking forward to:

1 – Being a housewife. Probably setting back the feminist movement by 30 years here but I really am looking forward to putting on a pinny, cleaning the house, and rustling up home cooked meals so Giles can come in from work and go ‘Honey, im home’ without being greeted by a red faced sweaty moaning fish wife who’s run in from the office fed the cat, done the washing, loaded the dish washer and just started chopping an onion in an effort to feed us at a reasonable time. Would like to point out that we share cooking duties in our house but he never ever looks like sweaty fish wife. 

2- Nesting. The list includes cleaning out the kitchen cupboards (including the tins of out of date sauces and condiments that were opened 2 years ago and then forgotten about – im thinking mainly about the pickled ginger I got when I thought I might make sushi and never did), sorting out the towel cupboard, and cleaning the shower door.

3- Naps. Glorious middle of the day naps in an effort to bank away some of the sleep that I will be missing out on for the next 5-10 years. Maybe even longer.

4- Reading. I need to finish my hypnobirthing book (preferably BEFORE I give birth) and would like to have got through at least a quarter of the Kindle top 50.

5- Netflix. I am reserving this for IF I go overdue and am presumably so huge I can no longer pick up a paperbook or my kindle. 

6- Cooking. I fully intend to go all Fanny Cradock (I am pleased to learn that isn’t actually her birth name) and batch cook my arse off in preparation for my first few weeks of Mummy-Hood.

7- Spoiling the cat before her baby brother arrives. Poor thing she has no idea. 

8- Weekly Shopping. I can actually go to Aldi weekly now as opposed to our monthly shop that inevitably saw us forgetting 60% of what we actually needed. Only danger is I MUST stay away from that middle aisle, you know the one with chainsaws and cushions. 

9- I will finally have chance to cut back the mega bush (in the front garden you filthy people!). If my belly will allow it.

10- Mid-week trips to the shops. No longer will I have to brave the shops with all the other 9 to 5’ers on a saturday. Maybe i’ll manage to get parked without swearing. 

So the day is here – my last day at work and I would like to point out that whilst I am super excited its over (for now) I did actually enjoy it 90% of the time so I will miss it. Also being a creature of habit it does unsettle me that I no longer have that structure of 9 to 5 in my life. But here’s to Mat Leave and all the adventures to come in the next 10 months! 

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