Week 35 – Mood Swings and Flat Pack 

This week was sponsored by Ikea, and Mood Swings.

I had Friday off and it was absolutely amazing. I saw Giles off to work with a cup of tea as usual then laid in bed reading my book until 9 before I popped next door to see my elderly neighbor and make sure he had enough cornflakes and tea bags (a staple for any 90 year old.) I then busied myself for the rest of the day doing a food shop and pottering about at home. It was proper housewife stuff and I loved it. The rest of the weekend was spent putting up the Ikea order which only consisted of a change table and 2 set’s of draws but the change table itself needed a degree in engineering to complete and took up most of Saturday. I would also like to point out that when I say WE put up the ikea furniture I actually mean that Giles did it. My role consisted of hiding upstairs listening to the cursing and then sporadically popping my head over the cardboard mountain to ask if he wanted a cup of squash. At one point I asked if there was anything that I could help with and he replied with ‘no you can’t be of help with anything in my life right now’ I am not sure what he meant by this. It was obvious that he was a broken man by this point. 

Regardless he carried on and by the end of the day my nursery was furnished with a beautiful change table that I quickly filled with nappies, muslin’s, and other pastel colored delights.

After a quick argument over where the best place to put it, peace was restored in our home and by some miracle the cardboard also made it out the door and into the bin*, unless it’s been stuffed in the garden somewhere like the Samsung TV box that got put out there 3 weeks ago and is now soggy but not soggy enough to disintegrate and disappear into the earth like I hoped would happen.

So at 35 weeks pregnant I have decided that it is preposterous for me to still be working after 36 weeks given that I spent Sunday night choking on tears because I couldn’t sleep and I was worried about getting through the next 2 weeks of work. My last day was supposed to be the 2nd December but due to the fact that I am agony most of the day with back pain and also general grumpiness I decided I would try and bring it forward, so after speaking to my boss’s we agreed that I could go 4 days earlier than planned making my last day Monday next week. I am delirious with joy because I know I am going to be in pain for the next 4 working days but 4 days is soooo much easier to get through than 8. It is like a weight has been lifted and hopefully without the added stress I will be able to sleep much better this week. And likewise Giles will be able to sleep better having not had to stroke the back of a blubbering manatee that he shares his bed with at 11pm.

Apparently 35 weeks is also where the mood swings start-up or come back depending on how you have been previously. I would like to say that for the whole my pregnancy has been good, I have been in good spirits (1st trimester sickness aside and the early day’s of incessant anxiety hopefully out of the way). But all of a sudden this week and last I find myself going from deliriously happy to a doom filled mess in less than 60 seconds. It is quite shocking. In fact on my way home from yoga Monday I was happily thinking how thanks to all that stretching I was feeling pretty good and merrily listening to the new song by The Weeknd when with almost no warning I was in tears. I have no idea why, it could possibly have been the fact that the chorus lyrics contain the line ‘I feel it coming’ and bought on impending thought’s of what is to come but this is purely a guess as at the time I had literally no idea.

*update – at 5.30pm Friday cardboard was actually still in the back of the BMW. It would appear for the forseeable future we now own a 4 seater C1 and 2 Seater 4 Series. 

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