7 Reasons Why You Should Do the Yoga Thing

Yoga – we all know what it is. It’s where you all sit in a room full of incense with your legs behind your head chanting Namaste right?

Not quite, although you can do that if you can/want to! I was always really scared to go to a class for fear of being shown up in a room full of said leg’s-behind-the-head-folk given that I can barely cross my legs properly or squat without wearing high heels.

Here are 7 reasons why you SHOULD give pregnancy yoga (or any yoga if you are not pregnant) a go!

  1. Meeting other Mum’s. Nothing is more important than solidarity in pregnancy; trust me when all your other friends are out drinking you WILL need someone to text to moan about back-pain and how your husband’s/boyfriends just don’t understand what it is like!!! Yoga is one of many ways to meet other mum’s to be.
  2. Keeping Fit – in the early stages of my pregnancy, yoga was a complimentary exercise to the lots of walking, and swimming that I was doing. In the later stages it has become my only exercise aside from short trips to Sainsbury’s at lunch. For this reason it has become absolutely crucial to both my body and mind’s health. It would take nothing short of an earthquake to stop me from going to my Monday night class.
  3. Mind Nourishing – Yoga is not just exercise for your body but also for your mind. I treat my 90 minute class as 90 minutes that are 100% about me and my body and also my baby! We are doing something amazing growing this little human and this is 90 minutes to concentrate on your body, your baby, and your mind.
  4. Preparation for Birth – a lot of yoga is about breathing, a lot of labour is about breathing. They go together like red wine and cheese. The breath work that I am doing in yoga I intend to use fully during my baby’s birth and it is also mental good for calming down anxiety when you find yourself worrying about baby, or anything really. A few calming yoga breathes is all I need to relax and tackle anything. You also focus heavily on poses and stretches that will help your body when in labour – hips, pelvis, back and legs are a main focus.
  5. Helps with all those pregnancy niggles – It is no joke that pregnancy is tough on your body. Pregnancy Yoga stretch’s and pose’s are designed to help you cope with all these niggles and aid you in being able listen to what your body needs and hopefully ease a lot of them. This is especially apparent to me in my 3rd trimester when I am noticeably getting more uncomfortable the further away I get from my last practice.
  6. Relaxation – what other exercise class’s let you lay on your side and pretty much go to sleep for 15 minutes at the end?
  7. Attitude to Birthing – because of the nature of yoga you are likely to meet people and talk about a more natural birthing process with an emphasis on you, your body, and your baby. For me this has been hugely positive when everyone I know has had complications and ended up having C-sections, knowing that I wanted a natural birth I felt disheartened that I might not get this given my friends experience’s but coming to yoga has made me see that a positive mind can actually really help me on my way to achieving the birth experience that I want.

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