34 Weeks – Xmas Shopping and Anger Issues

Something I would not recommend being 34 weeks pregnant is car travel. Or any kind of travel for that matter. I don’t mean going to work or popping to the shops. I mean 2-3 hours sat on the motorway. This is what we did this weekend although of course it was worth it, but worth it or not spending 3 hours complaining about his company beemers extremely expensive but uncomfortable seats was not going down to well with my husband.

They are of course very comfortable seats and the fact that they are heated did help a little but sitting for this amount of time really isn’t fun when your back hurts 80% of the day. I did try not to complain but by the time we reached the M25 I had moved my chair up, down, forward and backwards so many times I am surprised I hadn’t accidently managed to eject myself from the vehicle. But anyway we arrived at our destination – my best friend’s house in Northampton by 2.30 on Friday afternoon ready to start the weekend.

 By Saturday morning too much wine had been consumed (mostly by our husbands, and obviously not by me as I had disgusting alcohol free Cabinet Sauvignon that tasted like off Ribena.) but never the less we headed out at midday to drop the men at the crèche/pub whilst we did some Christmas shopping. I was impressed with the fact that we managed to do this within 3 hours and at least 45 minutes of this time was spent feeding me because it doesn’t matter that we had breakfast at 10.30 I still needed lunch. I did manage to buy a few gifts and probably could have bought more but really non-online based shopping is very restricting given that the ‘shopping basket’ is actually a basket with stuff in it and not just a button in the top right hand corner of the computer screen so it actually has to be carried. This is difficult when you are the size of a walrus and pant like a geriatric terrier just getting out of a chair.

 This week I have also come to the shock realisation that my favourite part of the day is now on a ticking time bomb. This time being when I first wake-up. I love that short period between 6.15 and 6.45 where I am just lying in bed mostly looking on facebook but also it being just the 3 of us (me, Giles, and the cat,) before we get up and start our days.

 Knowing that all too soon this precious time will be snatched away in a flurry of feeding, crying, and pooping (and that’s just from me.) is rather sad. Although this morning isn’t a great example given that I was awoken from my blissful morning dose by a raised voiced under the stairs going ‘Piss Off, you shit bag’ this was obviously not directed at me given that I was still in bed and turned out to be the cat who had objected rather vocally to her Daddy -having gotten up before Mummy which never happens – and being as he can barely get himself showered and remember his lunch (which I leave on the side by the door)  obviously wasn’t going to feed her as part of his morning routine. So up came my husband followed by said hungry shit-bag and both continued to loudly shout/meow at each other whilst I closed my eyes and thought about what I would have for breakfast. This to me was a chilling look into the future – you know Mummy works really hard to get the kids ready for bed or ready for school and then in comes Daddy chasing them round the living room until eventually someone falls over and cry’s. I did get a cup of tea bought up to me though so its not all bad.

Would also like to point out to anyone pregnant and deciding on when to start maturnity leave; we all say ‘well i want to take as much time off with the baby as possible’ when looking at our due dates in the calender and wondering whether to go 1 week or 2 before (you know babies are always late anyway). Just concider the fact that like I am now with just 2 weeks to go that EVERYDAY WILL FEEL LIKE MOUNT EVEREST in those final weeks. 

Luckily I took annual leave at the start of my leave so i’ve got 3 weeks before my due date and i also took every friday off in the 3 weeks leading up to it so my weeks are shorter, and trust me, you will need it. 5 day weeks are just simply not acheivable when you have back pain, hip pain, annoying boss’s, and get annoyed when a colleague so much as looks at you – talk to me at your own peril because I am very very uncomfortable and angry. Plus when your boss turns around and goes ‘oh have you got a hurty back’ because you can no longer sit down in your chair trust me you will want to stab someone with the scissors you just used to open your amazon package full of bio oil. 

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