Week 33 – Autumn and Jager-Bomb Baby

Autumn is my favorite time of year, I love the fact that it is almost Christmas, I love the cosy nights in when it starts to get dark early, and I love the multi colored leaves on the ground and on the tree’s.

I wish I had planned an autumn baby rather than a winter one in hindsight, as I would love so much to have my little man with me now to take for strolls through the pretty colored leaves and more importantly I could dress him up as a Christmas pudding on Christmas Day. I think when you are having a Christmas baby you do kind of think about all the cute little outfits you can put him in, but it was only when my sister in law text me a pic of an outfit and said ‘I can’t really buy this for Baby D can I as he might not be out?’ that I thought about the fact that this wouldn’t happen. IF by some miracle I have my baby in my arms on Christmas Day it is likely that it will be too late to dress him up like any kind of pudding and more then likely as I am due on the 24th he will be late or will be New Years baby and it’s not really appropriate to dress baby up as piss head. Maybe he could be a bottle of champagne or Jager-Bomb though?

This weekend we went for a lovely walk in the autumn country-side with the in-laws followed by a pub lunch, and after this I did what I do best on a weekend and fell asleep on the sofa watching Grey’s Anatomy. My weekends do tend to consist of a lot of sitting/laying on the sofa partly down to the need to rest and partly down to the fact that Giles hates me doing anything and seems to have some fetish for wrapping me in blankets and putting me down for a nap like one would a small infant. I really think he has some sort of carers fetish. Maybe he was Florence Nightingale in a previous life?

This has led me to decide that I must take up some sort of sitting down hobby, perhaps knitting? So that I don’t feel like I am wasting my life away on the sofa devouring countless episodes of Grey’s. It is possible that the amount of time I spend doing said devouring could enable me to complete a medical degree from my sofa and by next year I could even be a brain surgeon. But until that happens I really need something to do! Baking is great, and I have a particular interest in Victoria Sponges because I don’t need scales and can use the simple tablespoon method given that the scales ran out of batteries back in 2013. But I can’t bake too much because whatever I bake I also have to eat. So next weekend I am going to go hobby hunting and find something that I can do on the sofa for the next 6 weeks. My only prerequisites for this hobby is that it doesn’t make any mess (which rules out painting) and isn’t very difficult so I think what I will end up with is a coloring book or an etch-a-sketch (can you even still buy those?)

In other news my finger got divorced today (Thursday) as I realized my fingers had become so swollen they had almost enveloped my wedding rings – I had feared this for several weeks but thought I could just leave them on and hope finger wouldn’t fall off. Today however I felt it was now or never (never being that the diamonds might become part of finger like some sort of bionic digit.) so I lubed up with soap and held my hand under the tap for around 30 minutes whilst I slowly twisted off the rings. It took a while but they are now off and safely around my normal sized neck. Phew!

Do NOT zoom into my face (it will frighten you)

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