Week 32 – Walk to Waddle


This week I have gone from walk to waddle in 24 hours and baby seems to have had a growth spurt as bump is not only appearing bigger but it would seem his little feet/hands/knees/elbows are constantly popping out of my tummy looking and feeling like some sort of spontaneous hernia.

I have also noticed a definite slowing down of myself – probably due to the waddle – and I took the liberty of timing my usual 10 minute walk to my Mums to compare. It would appear that for every 10 minutes of my old walk we can now add another 5. So 20 minutes becomes 30 etc. etc. Also found myself today angrily shouting at a piece of paper that had fallen from the printer (conveniently placed so I can retrieve papers without having to move) and telling it that it can stay down there as there is no way in hell I am bending over to pick it up. I just printed it again, nothing like wasting paper in the name of pregnancy.

This week is also my last FULL week at work as I have Friday’s off from next week. And 4 weeks to go (after this week) before my leave starts and I can really start to relax before baby arrives. I am going from hoping baby comes early – anytime from 37 weeks would be great – to hoping he comes a few days late so that I can at least enjoy my 3 full weeks off. IF it were possible to choose a birth date I think I would choose the 21st. That way he is out before Xmas and I get a good 2 weeks off, but since when did babies ever do what we want?

Another major thing ticked off the list this week is nursery furniture. After literally month’s of chopping and changing my ikea shopping basket – do we really need a change table? can we really fit a sofa bed AND a rocking chair in the nursery? And will the baby appreciate that I need new bedside tables in our room as I’ve been using the washing basket for 2 years? So we decided that yes the baby would appreciate me getting us new bedside tables, and we really would like a change table especially as it turns into a desk for later on and will provide handy storage. Have also purchased lovely futon to use as a spare bed seeing as we are starting our little family in a 2 bed bungalow I think it important that we have sleeping options in case baby turns out to be sleep hating demon. (of course all baby’s are lovely and not at all demon like though)



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