Week 31 – Colds and Bird’s Nests

It finally happened, the thing that I have dreaded since getting pregnant: it was responsible for our salvation in War of the Worlds, it’s the pharmaceutical industries bread and butter, and it’s the reason we stock up on chicken soup and vicks vaporub. That’s right, the common cold. And I caught one.

Luckily or unluckily in some people’s opinion it came on Friday night so I didn’t have to worry about work but it pretty much wiped out my entire weekend and I still wasn’t able to go back to work on Monday, which wasn’t the end of the world seeing as it was my boss who gave it to me!! Thankfully I at least got a Friday night in before it struck so I could enjoy my yummy tapas meal with 2 friends double date style. It wasn’t until we were sat in Giles’ fav wine bar after dinner (them with prosecco and red wine and me with de-caff tea) that I started to feel leadenly tired. You know where it feels like your limbs are being tied down with bits of metal? I had promised everyone I would not drive us home till just before 11 but by 10.15 I was willing them to drink quicker to the point that I was tempted to help them out a little but it was fine and I was tucked up in bed just after 11. It didn’t last long as by 2am I was awake with metaphorical razer blades in my throat that stayed there until Monday morning so that was where it started. And being pregnant there is literally nothing you can take to make it better – except paracetamol. I basically wrote off the weekend stayed in bed right the way through and only occasionally got up to eat. Of course I did get through an extreme amount of Grey’s Anatomy episodes and old episodes of the Bill, especially as I didn’t sleep for 3 days so had to fill the day and night with televisual feasts.

The highlight of the weekend was probably the birds nest that came out of our chimney, had I not been in bed I probably would have taken a picture as it was pretty special. Since spring we have had starlings nesting in our chimney and when I called the chimney sweep I naively thought he would sweep as normal and just pop out a diddy little birds nest from the top of the chimney. Now bear in mind it costs about £50-60 to get your chimney swept I was truly shocked when ‘Dick Van Dyke’ ( (I can’t remember his name so this seems like a good enough one to allocate him.) looked at me and said: ‘yea so I can get rid of the nest but it’s going to cost £200 instead of £60.’ Great. But I did get him to fit a neat little hat on the roof that will stop them getting back in there next year. Sorry future starling family! But the amount of sticks that came out of our teeny tiny chimney!!! It was insane, literally 80% of our chimney had been filled with tiny sticks and by the time ‘Dick’ left, our lounge was covered in a fine layer of soot and stick dust.

Something else driving me crazy this week is baby: I have been climbing the walls the last 4 days with worry over him because suddenly he has decided to chill out and be lazy. All the midwives say how important kick counting is as any decrease or change in movements can be cause for concern and getting checked out can mean that they can help before something happens to baby. My little one has always had random days of being more energetic than others and he doesn’t have a great deal of consistency – one day he might be kicking me all day and the next only sporadically, and sometimes I have to concentrate and lay very still to feel them, which makes it difficult if you are an anxious person like I am as on those quiet days I find it extremely hard not to panic and fear the worst.

On occasions where I have called triage I am told to lay down, have a sugary drink, or lay in the bath and this usually is enough to put my mind at rest as he then gives me enough movements to reassure, but only until the next day when it all starts again! I have had this every day since Saturday when he was extremely quiet – but not entirely still – spells of causing me to worry myself silly followed by a super active period that makes me feel better… until the next day. And so it goes on. Today (Wednesday) I am feeling much better and happy to accept that perhaps his pattern is changing and maybe he is just a baby that has ‘quiet days’ or maybe due to his position I am not feeling as much sometimes. I only saw the midwife last week AND had a scan that showed everything was ok so I am sure my worry is for nothing but I just can’t help it sometimes. As much as I hate to wish my life away – hurry up December, I really, really want to hold my baby now!



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