Pregnant Me Vs Non-Pregnant Me

Anyone else think that their pregnant self is a bit like a different person?

Non-Pregnant Me – loved all things low fat especially mayo which I despised in its full fat form.

Pregnant Me – LOVES fat. All of the fats are now welcome in my fridge these days, Blue Top Milk, Thick Creamy Greek Yoghurt, Butter, and most importantly HELLMANNS MAYONNAISE. Baby loves full fat mayo as does husband.

Non- Pregnant Me – Lived in jeans.

Pregnant Me – Lives in leggings, mainly black ones. The general rule is if I can’t wear leggings then I am not going.

Non-Pregnant Me – Loved drinking prosecco, red wine and gin.

Pregnant Me – Aside from obviously not having any of these things I also don’t want them. I would rather spend that fiver on cheddar cheese and bread.

Non-Pregnant Me – Used to care what people thought if they bumped into me in the supermarket with no make-up on and wet hair.

Pregnant Me – Doesn’t care if has no makeup, no bra, and no self-respect.

Non- Pregnant Me – Hates (most) Fruit

Pregnant Me – Actually rather likes fruit especially grapes, berries, and banana’s.

Non-Pregnant Me – Ate peanut butter with everything (pretty much)

Pregnant Me – Doesn’t really care for it either way. Maybe this is why some babies are allergic to nuts?

Non-Pregnant Me – Used to care if farted in public/in front of other people.

Pregnant Me – Is just grateful of the extra momentum and also feels a little bit better that others around her are also suffering. Sometimes it is also mildly amusing.

Non-Pregnant Me – Genuinely cares what people think of her

Pregnant Me – Doesn’t have time for your shit so shut-up, and go away or come in, be quiet, and bring food. 

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