Week 30 – Bridget Jones, No, and Absolutely Not.

So I am reading the new Bridget Jones Baby book. When I say reading I am technically having it read to me as it’s an audio book. I am also actually properly reading Inferno.

Bridget Jones’ Baby which is being read to me by Samantha Bond of Moneypenny fame is much like the films and books previous –  brilliant, and a great read if you are up the duff. My favorite part and the part I read this weekend is when Bridget; having become sick of friends and families demands of her either as an expectant mother or a person in general; learns to say ‘No, Absolutely Not’.

No – she will not come round and listen to her mate rant on about her latest fall out with someone at work, No – she will not be going to her Mum’s for Christmas, No – she will not be having a baby shower with smug married mothers, and No – she will not be attending that dinner party where she will have to be everyone’s taxi given that she won’t be drinking.

Now I have always adored Bridget Jones, and whilst we have nothing in common being that I was married at 24 and am up the duff at 27 I still feel that I resonate with her. The point of this part of the story was that she was under so much demand from family and friends that she wasn’t looking after herself or her unborn baby, as soon as she started to say ‘No’ people started fitting around her and she didn’t feel one tiny bit guilty because she was doing it for the baby. She went to yoga, she sat in her flat all day eating cheesy potatoes, and she took strolls in the park. And basically did what she wanted to do and what made her feel good. In my case this would be bath’s and sleep’s sometimes at the same time.

I can totally relate to this as over the last few weeks I have felt like I am going from one social occasion to another, trying to fit this in around that whilst going to work and trying to also do the things that I WANT TO DO. Not the things that other people want me to do. If there is a time in your life to be selfish surely this is it right? If there is a time in my life where I can stand up and say ‘No, absolutely not’ in order to sit in my pyjama’s and eat cheese and tomato sandwich’s all day whilst watching old episodes of the Bill THIS IS IT.

So I am going to be selfish and I am going to put myself first for the good of my baby, because a happy mother is a happy baby especially when we are sharing the same bodily fluids. Plus when you are waking up 5 times a night, and lugging what feels like a baby elephant around with you all day sometimes all you want to do is come home and watch TV/uncomfortably flounder on the sofa for several hours and that is something that can only be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home.

So at 30 weeks I only have 10 weeks to go, which is actually not that long at all. Especially as I only have 6 weeks left of work possibly ever depending on if Giles can become the next Bill Gates in the next 12 months and I can become the worlds best housewife, or perhaps i’ll do a degree in something useful like flower arranging and then i’ll fill our mansion with fresh flowers every day.

This week I have blissfully completed domestic chores like a 1950’s housewife, had Sunday brunch with my best friend, and caught up on The Walking Dead, oh and baked a cake at 7am due to baby not liking a single position I was laying in.

I also got a 4D scan of the little monkey which actually took 2 attempts because said monkey apparently loves touching his face with his feet and hiding snuggled up in my placenta. Despite that, we have managed to obtain that he probably has his father’s mouth and hopefully eyes to as mine are a little slitty looking. And given that my midwife still say’s I am measuring 2 weeks behind I have the reassurance that my baby boy is the perfect size for his 30 weeks and probably weighs a respectable 3.4Lbs so that in my opinion was more than worth the effort it took to get him in a good position. And considering it involved a lot of walking up and down stairs and jumping jacks I can assure you the effort was considerable.

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