Week 29 – Pregnancy Diary

I have had more drama this week than Made in Chelsea and TOWIE which were both back this week! Happy days now I have something to watch whilst cooking.

Weekend started off great: I left work early because I basically threw a cup of tea over my laptop and had nothing to work on, so off I went with tea sodden laptop praying that it would dry off by Monday (it did!) and I then proceeded to clean the house given that I should have been at work it didn’t seem right to just sit on my bum watching Grey’s Anatomy till Giles got home.

Saturday I was then free to drag Giles round Aldi, and we met some friends at the local farm shop and played with their 2 gorgeous little boys. One of which being 4 months old slept the entire time and lead Giles to make the comment ‘it’s pretty easy looking after babies, as soon as his eyes open you rock the buggy and he goes back to sleep’. Poor boy is in for such a shock! We returned from the farm laden with chutney, vegetables, sausages (if you have never had a marmite sausage you have not lived) jams, and a magnet with owls on it (who wouldn’t want a magnet with owls on it?) I then spent the afternoon making soup out of my newly acquired onion squash and I will post the recipe below as it was rather delicious! It was the epitome of a blissful quiet weekend and we still had one day left where I planned to take an autumnal walk in the country, crunching through the autumn leaves hand in hand, whilst possibly skipping. Of course the reality would actually be more like Giles planning the shortest route possible, complaining about the distance and then leading us to a pub for lunch whilst I complained about the cost.

Anyway Sunday had other plans for me as I woke at 6am for my usual bladder call, rolled out of bed (yes we are at rolling stage now) and oh, I can’t actually stand up. My hip hurt so much just under my belly that I physically couldn’t stand, thinking it would pass I scooted down the stairs on my bum and crawled to the loo. I stood up and ended up on the edge of the bath unable to move, by this time my hips and pelvis are hurting so much I can’t even really sit so I crawl back upstairs and into bed hoping it will pass and with the help of many pillows I am able to comfortably await the awakening of my husband so I can complain about my ailment to him. That lasted all of about an hour before I decided I was too uncomfortable and a hot bath might help so back I crawled to the bathroom and with great difficulty hauled myself into a bath, by this point Giles had heard me grunting in pain and come down to help me. I was also crying at this stage, so you can imagine the sight he came down to. Picture a walrus balling it’s eyes out surrounded by peach flavoured bubbles. 

I spent the rest of the morning like an invalid stuck on the sofa in my dressing gown whilst Giles bought me food in the form of sausage banquette and glasses of chocolate milk. The look of glee on his face at the prospect of me being sofa-bound for the day was pretty special, I think it is the fact that 1) he doesn’t have to go for a walk and 2) if I’m not busy, he doesn’t have to be busy so waiting on me for a day is a small price to pay for a day in front of his PC. Needless to say I got through the rest of season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Monday is where the drama begins; first off my hips and ligaments are still pretty bad pain wise but I can walk which is a bonus so I go to work and just spend most of the day in my chair. Now I have been subjected to abuse from a boy that works in my office for a while now, I won’t go into details but it’s been going on for years and nothing has really been done about it. So Monday I am greeted with the happy news that this person is leaving, ironic that I only have 2 months left until my mat leave but still that’s a whole month of working in a normal environment and not one where you are afraid to breath too loudly in case he calls you the C-word. Anyway, he obviously wasnt my biggest fan monday because early afternoon when I’m doing some filing and standing at the door that separates our 2 offices he turns around and slam’s said door so hard it actually takes the wind out of me. It also shut millimetres away from my arm and had I had my hand on the frame I would probably have lost some fingers. I was stunned and looked over at my boss who got up and confronted him over it to which he shouts some abuse back and then basically squares up to me – a heavily pregnant women – and spits swear words into my face before then screaming the c-word at me. This is not the first time this has happened although granted this was probably the worst incident and in the past I have been in tears and pretty shaken up, this time however it was different as I have literally had enough of this person and I wasn’t going to let him upset me or intimidate me which is probably why I unwisely didn’t move away when he squared up to me and looking back on it, I was pretty scared about what he ‘could’ have done and in hindsight should have just walked away, but sometimes you just have to stand up to bully’s and I wasn’t going to let him upset me. It was weird actually, like I had an inner strength inside of me keeping me there. I am usually such a coward and get upset so easily, I never confronted the evil witch’s that bullied me at school and my standard response was always just to hide behind my friends and then later cry. Not this time though! I held my own and actually said some choice words back to him. He has not actually appeared at work since so hopefully I won’t have to see him again but just in case he does show up we now have a lock on my door so I can be safe. But the worst thing is I was so shaken/hyped-up by the end of the day I forgot to go to yoga!

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