Week 28 – Pregnancy Diary

This weekend was all about me and my baby-daddy. We went on our last little baby-moon. The last overnight trip that we take before our little man joins us.

We didn’t go far… 45 minutes up the road to Brighton to be exact, but when you are not planning on doing much except mince around the room in your robe and slippers it doesn’t really matter where you go and of course us being us the main thing we were looking forward to was eating, and Brighton has an amazing array of restaurants that we would never usually venture to. My brother in law was like ‘so you are going 40 minutes up the road just to sleep in someone else’s bed?’ which is technically true but there really is nothing better than lounging round a hotel room knowing that there is no dishwasher to unload, no washing to put on, and most importantly no cat to jump on you at 6am to then loudly purr whilst laying uncomfortably on your hip bone.

So Brighton was gorgeous, we strolled down to the beach for a beer (ginger for me) at midday and then had Mexican tapas lunch at the new Wahaca restaurant, which was really really good, and I am a Mexican connoisseur. We then headed back to the hotel to generally chill out drinking prosecco (and water for me). We stayed in a suite at My Hotel where each of the 4 suites are themed and our room (the Jade room) featured an open plan bathroom; where you pulled back a curtain to reveal massive tub, waterfall shower, sink, and (thankfully behind a door) the toilet. All in front of a huge circular bed. So we spent the whole afternoon just chilling out before going out to dinner which was another Mexican feast at my favourite place in Brighton – La Choza. I can confirm it is completely acceptable to eat Mexican twice in one day especially when having a rare day of no heartburn and a craving for as much food as possible.

The rest of my week has passed by rather uneventfully, I forced myself to yoga on Monday mainly because I have decided I want to birth the baby in a squat position and my legs need to be as strong as possible. I got a bikini wax on Tuesday after work – I know that it will be the last thing on my mind at the time but I really hope I can get waxed before labour, aside from the fact I can’t actually see my lady parts anymore I don’t really want every doctor and his wife getting a look at me ‘overgrown’ so to speak, plus I recon an un-kept garden must surely get in the way? Maybe I need to google this.

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