Week 27 -Pregnancy Diary 

My nesting instinct was strong this weekend and after an early morning swim (to avoid helping my Dad and Giles with a tip run) and a quick nip to Aldi as they had baby stuff on special I settled down in the nursery to sort through some hand me down’s that I’ve been given and clear some draws ready for baby D’s clothes to go in.

It was one of those days when I just couldn’t stop and one job just led to another so before I knew it I had cleared the entire wardrobe including the accumulated crap on the top which was mostly old sky box boxes (my husband’s obvious fetish for collecting empty box’s goes back a few years.) and I’ve filled all the draws with all of the 0-6 month clothes that I have so far. I think I would have carried on if my back hadn’t hurt so much and my father in law hadn’t called and told me I sounded like a geriatric who had just run 10 miles up a hill.

Sunday passed by in a blur of sleeping and eating but I did manage to sleep in until 10am hoorey!! Could be the last lie-in I ever have unless I get lucky again and wake up without back pain/head pain or both.

I have been feeling much calmer recently and less anxious which I am sure could change at any hormonal minute. It helps that IF anything doesn’t feel right the maternity triage are so good; Tuesday little D was quieter than usual and I wasn’t feeling his kicks or rolls as much I usually do. A quick call to them and they told me to go home as soon as I could get away have a cold drink and lay down with my hand on tummy and if I wasn’t happy they would see me at any point day or night to check on him. I did this and within seconds baby was kicking, rolling and nuzzling at my flattened palms so he was obviously just stuck in an awkward position while I was at my desk. It is so nice knowing that you have somewhere to go if something doesn’t feel right and they take you so seriously. It’s hard not to think you are overreacting sometimes but as I said to Giles’ when he is out of me we would take him to the doctor if he wasn’t ‘right’ so just because he is still inside doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do the same. Since then my boy has actually gained some weight because i swear when he kicks me sometimes he might actually be strong enough to fling me out my chair. And it hurts! 

Belly has grown a lot (about a cm i recon) in the last 3 days, i am now close to acheiving my goal of balancing a cup on the bump. It wont be long!!! 

Another baby item ticked off the list as well this week courtesy of my mum we now have a full travel system including car seat and base for the buggy and car (obviously car – it’s a car seat). I now feel I am an expert in EU child safety regulations so if anyone would like to know the ‘safest choice’ for your child’s travelling needs please feel free to give me a call!

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