Week 26 – Pregnancy Diary

This weekend was a lazy one, we took a road trip on Saturday to look at some super cars, just for fun and then Giles went to a party in the evening but as I was too tired I chose to spend the evening round my parent’s house and then watching Knocked Up on the sofa waiting for Giles to return; which he did at 1.30am strangely shirtless… although the shirt was in the house so I am not sure at what point it was removed.

Sunday I finally got out into my jungle of a garden due to the temperature finally dropping to a temperature that I could tolerate although I was reminded why last year I stopped tending to the garden around this time and that is the influx of gruesome giant garden spiders. Why do they always make their webs at mouth/head height? Imagine my horror as I lent over to weed around my rose bushes and nearly got an eye/mouthful of hideous striped beast. I spent the rest of the time creeping round the garden dubiously trimming bramble’s at arm’s length. But spiders aside, my garden at least looks tidier and the BBQ has now been retired (probably for the rest of the year) back to the shed. It only came out twice this year. I also pulled up the weed centre piece on our front lawn that I think Giles was cultivating so that we could put lights on it at Christmas (it was almost large enough)

The rest of the weekend was spent bra-less on the sofa and finished with the best Sausage Casserole I have ever eaten courtesy of my loving husband – I also made a black pudding hash to go with it and we both decided that our marriage will last forever based purely on our joint culinary skills. I am such a simple creature, I don’t crave life’s highs, I don’t and have never done drugs (weed when I was 16 does not count!) and i’m not an adrenaline junkie, I love nothing more than a quiet sunday at home cooking with my husband and then enjoying what we have created in front of a film and an open fire in the winter.

I also discovered something else about myself this weekend and that is that I can no longer get away with going out in public without a bra on. Being as I was not blessed with particularly large mammary’s I have always been able to throw on a t-shirt and nip to co-op for the morning paper looking no worse than Jennifer Anniston does throughout the entire series’ of Friends. However this is no longer the case and it is unfortunate that it took an afternoon trip out for cream to find this out, and even more unfortunate that Giles should run into an ‘old friend’ right outside. It was probably more embarrassing for him having to introduce this man to his ‘wife’ who looked more like Cow from Cow and Chicken than his glowing baby-mumma. His face of horror as we walked back to the car and he told me my t-shirt was hiding absolutely nothing will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.

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