My Guide to Buggy Buying

The pram, buggy, stroller, whatever you want to call it (I don’t actually know what is the correct term) is one of the most important purchases in a new mums life and the most exciting!

However it is not an easy purchase, I mean there are just so many to choose from and so many different price ranges how are you supposed to narrow it down when you have literally nothing to go on? As soon as I found out that I was with child I immediately thought about the pram and so did my mother in law who immediately offered to purchase the sacred vessel as her gift to her first grandchild. Although I don’t think either of us realized the cost of some of them – some people have cheaper cars!!

Eventually I settled on the Bugaboo Bee3 – a favorite amongst celebrities and people with generally more money than me, Bugaboo is a brand I associated with yummy mummy’s and people who like a good ‘brand’. Bear in mind that my wedding dress was a Chinese knock-off that cost less than £200 I am not a brand-whore or in any way superficial when it comes to my possessions.  But no matter what I looked at, everything came back to the Bee. It really was the only one I wanted and the only one I felt ticked all or most of my box’s. So I am now the proud owner of a Bugaboo Bee in Malange Grey with Blue canopy, and yes I have pushed the cat around the empty nursery in it more than once. She was not amused.

Here is my guide to Pram Purchasing/Buggy Buying:

1 – List your priorities’ – Will you be using it mostly with the car, do you need it travel system compatible? Is size key? Will you be going off road? Will you be mostly using it in town or country? List them in order of importance and then this can be your starting point. For me top of the list was using it with my car so it had to be small. I also wanted something for off-road but quickly realized I couldn’t have both due to space so size became the priority.

2 – Set a budget, if you only have a certain amount to spend make this your top priority. I was so lucky to have a generous Granny To Be offering to pay but even then spending other people’s money is harder than spending your own sometimes so I made sure I stuck to a budget that would allow me to contribute towards it should it really tip the scales.


3 – When you have a rough idea of your budget make a spreadsheet of everything that you need to purchase for baby, that way if you decide to go over budget you might be able to cut down somewhere else.

4 – I would definitely recommend either nosing around online (the mothercare website is quite user friendly) or having a casual shop early in your pregnancy without any external help from the sales assistance. The reason for this is you want a rough idea of what you want before you get a sales person’s influence – the reason for this will be apparent.

5- When you have a few options in your head put them into google and read the reviews – I loved the reviews by as they were so detailed. Also ask your mummy friends what they have and what they would recommend.


6 – Once you have read the reviews and asked around you should by now have an idea of what your favorite is. Now you can go into a shop, but don’t rush it. Start by going into the store and just looking at your chosen pram or pram’s if your still unsure. I started my baby shopping by visiting a small independent store rather than a chain and I would recommend this as your first shop because you will get a more personal experience. I bought my Moses basket (thanks Mum!) and a few other bits and at the same time the lady was more than happy to demonstrate the Bee to me with no pressure.

7 – Price compare – up until this point where you buy the pram is irrelevant but now you have (hopefully) chosen the one you want you need to get it for the best price possible. One option is a baby show, apparently the one at Excel London in February is great but this didn’t work for me as I am due in December and I also don’t like the thought of traipsing around a show all day getting tempted to buy things I don’t need, but apparently you get great discounts especially on the last day. I did my price comparison online and found that Mothercare was the best price.

8 – Beware the up-sell. So now you know what you want and where you want it. Now it’s time to go get it! But beware of the up-sell. This is why I personally think it is not a good idea to engage with sales people until you know what you want because they will have their own agenda. For example mother in law and I went bowling into Mothercare with the Bugaboo Bee on our minds first and foremost, we wanted to see it in action of course, just to make sure that we were 100 percent certain on our choice. BUT the sale’s lady clearly had a box bonus on the Bugaboo Chameleon (the next one up) because straight away she started to tell me all the bad points of the Bee and how the Chameleon was so much better and it’s practically the same price. Turns out practically equates to £200 and bear in mind I already felt super guilty about the cost as it was, but I was tempted. In fact if I hadn’t done so much research and made up my mind before I walked in the shop with the cash I may have been temped. Thankfully I was confident in my choice and went ahead with the Bee and I couldn’t be happier, saving myself £200 just by taking my time and doing my research.

9 – Due diligence. So I had made up my mind but I still felt I owned it to my stingy-charity shop clothes wearing- self to check out a cheaper option whilst I was in the store, for me that was the iCandy Strawberry which the sales lady told me was the iCandy Vs Bugaboo equivalent to the Bee and it was £200 cheaper. So I looked and I played with it, and I put it back. It wasn’t what I wanted BUT if it had been then I would have saved £200 so I am glad I looked. I am now super confident that I made the right choice for the right price.

10 – Enjoy your new purchase! And if you have a cat feel free to put said cat into the buggy and push it around – but leave the plastic on so your baby doesn’t end up looking like a tiny black and white Chewbacca on their first trip out.



2 thoughts on “My Guide to Buggy Buying

  1. Oh Di! I absolutely love reading your blog 🙂 you make me laugh and it’s so interesting to see what is going on in the world of a first time mum 🙂 keep it up! X


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