Pregnancy Diary – Week 24

I am so happy to have reached 24 weeks, I know each week is important but I seem to be measuring my pregnancy in chunks – so first of all it was 12 weeks, then 16, then 24. Next one is 30 I guess and then 35 with the following weeks just waiting for him to come out.

So at 24 weeks baby could survive outside the womb although best he stays in there obviously, and is legally viable (although I hate that expression as it makes him sound like a machine and not a little people.) For his 24 week birthday we were in the New Forest for our Baby Moon which is a cute name for your last holiday as just the 2 of us – although we loved it so much we have discussed squeezing in another before Christmas and we also have another weekend away in October booked, but who says you can only have one baby moon?

We booked a room for 2 nights at our favorite pub in the village of Minstead and my best friend and her husband also joined us which was great for me as I had someone to enjoy a cream tea and shopping with, and great for Giles as I got to sit him in a pub in front of the F1 qualifying and wander off for said cream tea only to return 2 hours later to find them both sat there watching golf happy as Larry.

We woke up each morning to a heard of pony’s on the green outside and ate like kings, in fact Friday night I ate so much (full 3 course pub dinner) that I had to sleep sitting up and when I did eventually roll onto my side my bump felt twice its size – half baby half Chilli Con Carne and Coconut Ice Cream. I then woke up and had a Full English Breakfast which I obviously didn’t finish and which felt like it sat halfway down my esophagus for an hour after I had eaten it. Luckily we went for a 5 mile walk round the forest straight after and the village shop sold Rennie so I soon felt better but I certainly learnt my lesson that I can’t fit a baby and a 3 course meal in my body at the same time. Indigestion is a bitch and not something I had before being pregnant. Saturday night I was much more conservative and just had a main course and consequently I was able to comfortably demolish my breakfast the following day with clear ease.

Giles and I also firmed up our plans for an Owl themed nursery; and I purchased several cute things from an Owl sanctuary.


Sadly the rest of my week has not been quite as fun or relaxing due to my poorly kitty Wotsit being rushed to the vets Wednesday morning with a swollen mouth. The vet was running 20 minutes late, I was supposed to be working from home (luckily I woke up super early and squeezed some work in before I left.) and I had a midwife appointment at 10.20am. By 10am when I was still sat there surrounded by THE most annoying -constantly howling, barking, and yapping – poodles in the world, my nerves were freyed and I was close to tears. Luckily the lovely nurses at the vets were so sweet and after our consultation they booked my follow up appointment and told me to just go and not worry about the bill until next time – which was so nice of them. I think they recognized a pregnant women about to go into meltdown! So Wotsit is on antibiotics and the vet will ‘hopefully’ have a another look Friday and be able to tell us more. So now on top of nursery getting ready stress I can now add possible humongous vet’s bill and most importantly sick kitty to the list. The only good thing is I don’t have time to worry about my pregnancy ailments or if eating chilli will make the baby go blind because I have plenty of ‘actual’ things to deal with which is always good for a cereal worrier like me. Actual problems way better than millions of hypothetical ones!


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