The Nursery Stress

The nursery is a big deal when you are pregnant with your first, what colors, what furniture, how much money and space do you have/need blah blah blah. It’s exhausting.

For me I also felt like I couldn’t start thinking about this too early as somehow I thought it might jinx my pregnancy, I’ve only now started to feel comfortable getting organised and buying everything but now I have the added worry that ‘OMG i’ve only really got 3 months!!’ Seems like a long time I know but when your rapidly gaining both size and ailments its a daunting prospect.

Hearing people say ‘don’t worry you’ve got ages’ really doesn’t help either as when you work full time ages is only actually 15 weekends – assuming I want to be ready by at least 30 weeks pregnant that brings it down to 10 weekends. We have plans in the diary for at least 4 weekends between now and December, so now we’re at 6. 6 Weeks! And my husband is in a sling with a broken shoulder for 6 weeks so now we have nothing, nada, no time at all, baby is here and he’s sleeping in a pile of PC and IKEA box’s that for some reason we like to hoard in our former spare room along with old printers and monitors.

Of course this is not true as I have my moses basket and that will be in our room for 3 months so really we don’t NEED the nursery to be functional until at least April next year – but no one wants to be decorating/clearing out their nursery with a new born wailing away in the background or attached to the boob do they? So the aim has to be to have it done by December, latest.

So what have I done so far :

Picked Fabric for curtains which are being made by my Step Mum in Law

Picked Wallpaper

What have I got left to do:

Everything Else….

Clear room of Ikea boxes and old PC monitors

Buy sofa bed for when hubby needs a good nights sleep for work and my boob is tied to crying baby.

Buy change table

Buy cot


Buy something to keep mountain of shoes in, now spare room is no longer giant shoe cabinet.

I know we will get it all done ┬ábut that doesn’t make it any less of a panic in the meantime. And part of me is really going to miss that spare room/massive storage room.

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