Pregnancy Diary – Week 23

So now I have only got 16 weeks left of pregnancy (hopefully) I thought it would be cool to (try) and do a weekly diary. Apart from providing entertainment to the mass’s I think it would be awesome to show my little one someday – look this is what happened to Mummy and Daddy when you were inside me type thing!

So I am 24 weeks today and it’s been one hell of a week actually – which is a good place to start. To start off with my darling husband has broken his shoulder, I won’t bore you with the details but in short he fell over a wall – great timing baby! But in all seriousness the poor thing is in so much pain and we didn’t even realise it was broken until the next day when we decided a precautionary trip to the A&E for an x-ray wouldn’t go a miss. Good job we did, and after a 3 hour wait in A&E (don’t feel bad for me they were showing Saturday Kitchen on the big screen.) he is in a sling now for around 6 weeks although we hope to decrease this by taking some homeopathic remedies (arnica and ruta grav) and following doctors’ orders.

Needless to say it’s not an ideal time to be minus a handy husband and I am truly thankful that he put up my shelves last week! I have an oven that needs cleaning and more importantly a spare room that needs clearing ready to be nursery-fied so as much as I am feeling desperately sorry for my poor darling I am also slightly pee’d off at his timing, although I would be more pee’d off if I was closer to birth so there is that. The other good thing is that it’s his left shoulder so his computer hand is still good.

We also said goodbye to my sister in law (Aunty Kate) this week (sob) but only for 3 months, as she is off to Aus until December to see her boyfriend, it was pretty emotional especially given that by the time they both come back I will probably be twice the size I am now, but I am so glad she will be back in time to meet Baby D when he arrives and we will hopefully be Watsapping on a daily basis. Needless to say I will miss her like mad while she is away though.

Like his Mummy Baby D has been super active this week flipping around of an hourly basis and kicking me in all kinds of places – I swear I can actually feel him kicking my foo foo from inside. And I have also been mental busy given that I have Eadon senior to look after and he really can’t pick up any of the slack one armed so this week has consisted of 8am shopping trips before work, multiple loads of washing (and re-washing because I forget it’s in the machine.) and making omelettes for dinner because I just don’t have the energy to make anything else and I refuse to give into pizza and chips out the freezer (baby D needs his veg.) but we are off to the New Forest for our Baby Moon on Friday so it will all be worth it!

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