Baby D’s First Kicks

I will never forget hearing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time, I burst into tears just as his little image came up on screen at my 12 week scan and they turned on the sound so I could hear it. I will also never forget the first time I felt him move.

I was laying in bed when I felt Baby D for the first time – or at least the first time that I didn’t think that it could have been trapped wind! I was 16 weeks and had been expecting it to take a lot longer (the books say 16-24 weeks) but when I felt it I knew it was my little one. I spent the next few days obsessively holding my belly desperate to feel a little kick but I don’t think I felt an actual ‘push’ on my hand for another week and they were so faint it was easy to miss – hence the obsessive belly holding that I am still doing at 22 weeks even though baby pretty much punch’s and kicks for 80% of the day – I just can’t get enough!!

At first it just felt like bubbles popping inside me and that slowly progressed to tiny push’s inside which could then be felt with a hand if you were patient enough. Giles felt him for the first time a week after I did at 17 weeks; I insisted he held my tummy for as long as it took whilst watching TV in bed. I didn’t have a massive bump by then so I wouldn’t let anyone else feel given that it involved putting your hand partially down the front of my knickers!

By 20 weeks I was feeling the kicks pretty frequently – although he still had quiet days which got me worried – I had 2 days just before my 20 week scan where I obsessively used my doppler just to check he was still their.

Now at 22 weeks I feel him pretty much all day and he tends to get quieter in the evenings only to resume kicking me in the bladder just before bed – it seems he is more active when I am sitting down or laying down and it is quiet; so if I am busy or in a noisy place I don’t notice him at all. Last night I am sure he was up all night as every time I work up to turn myself onto my side he was rolling away in there.

The weirdest thing of all is the sensation of baby rolling onto my bladder – it’s like one minute I am on the edge of wetting myself and the next nothing, it’s like playing a kind of toilet russian roulette. Do I risk it and wait hoping it is baby using it as a pillow or do I run to the loo only to be disappointed with the tiny trickle that comes out?

I also swear sometimes he is trying to get out – it feels like at any minute a tiny foot might just swing right down from their – of course it won’t but I did have to consult google to find that out and read threads of other mums joking about baby kicking them in the foo foo!



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