Pink or Blue?

The big baby sex debate –  to find out or not to find out?

I was always very pro surprise but Giles wasn’t right from the start and whilst at the beginning I was resolute in my decision not to know (and being as I am carrier of our beloved I felt I had the deciding vote) I still found myself being slowly ground down.

It wasn’t just that Giles wanted to know it was also my own curiosity getting the better of me – and I should have known this was going to happen as we are both very open people. Christmas and Birthday surprises are almost impossible to keep and we almost always end up telling each other when we have booked ‘surprise’ weekends away. Take Christmas 3 years ago when i saved for half the year to buy Giles a limited edition RAF Red Arrows watch and it only lasted 3 days in my wardrobe before I proudly gifted it to him (it was October.) So I don’t know how I thought we would get through that scan without finding out.

The problem I had was 2 fold – whilst I had no preference at all (other than I was desperate to name my baby girl after one of my TV idols) Giles had a clear preference for a first born son and whilst I know he would love a girl just as much once she arrived I have this archaic wife gene that makes me want to please him. I also had a very strong sense very early on that I was having a boy so I really really wanted to go into that hospital room and come out with a beaming happy husband. And the excitement that this gave me was just overpowering.

My 2nd dilemma in the do we don’t we saga was that I also love surprises and romance and I really wanted to have that incredible ‘it’s a boy moment’ but I also hate waiting so the other part of me really wanted to have the ‘surprise’ early.

So after much deliberation on my side we decided that we would find out but we would keep it to ourselves (again how I thought this was achievable when we can’t even keep our toilet habits to ourselves I don’t know!)

Needless to say we walked out of that hospital room and were on the phone to our Mum’s within 5 minutes. And I can honestly say the happy grin that was spread across my husbands face was 100% worth it!


And the look on his face when the sonographer told us the news was totally priceless. I knew we had made the right decision. And it also mean’s baby E is now Baby D and I couldn’t love him more if I tried.

20 week Scan
Hi Baby!

I think the most important thing here is to remember that whether you find out at 20 weeks or 40 weeks it’s still just as much of a surprise, it just depends how long you want to wait for it.

baby fleece
Of course I couldn’t end the day without buying my baby son a present

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