The halfway point – 20 weeks Pregnant

So this weekend marks the halfway point for me and my growing bubba. In just 4 and a half months or 20 weeks to be exact I have gone from 8 stone (50KG) to 9 stone (57KG), have gained a bra size, and grown a baby from the size of an orange pip to the size of a banana. Which is pretty damned amazing really!

My belly has gone from flat as a pancake to comfortably round and at the moment I am enjoying being a nice ‘pregnant’ shape. I have yet to purchase many maturity clothes instead i’m just wearing cotton t-shirts in a size 12, stretchy leggings, and maxi dress’s and I absolutely love showing of the bump. Why should we hide our little one’s under moo moo’s and smocks!

20 weeks bump
I was so busy admiring my bump I forgot to brush my hair!

This week I also decided to start pregnancy yoga which I really hope will keep me strong and supple as I get bigger, in all honestly it scares me how little exercise I am doing bear in mind that I used to go to the gym 4 times a week. However I am trying to do at least 30 minutes of walking, swimming, or static cycling a day which is achievable given that I have an hour lunch break and I swim for 45 minutes once a week. Couple that with once a week yoga and I think I will be doing quite well. However pregnancy has a way of messing up your plans so take last week for instance: when I was bedridden (or sofa ridden) for 2 days because of severe Round Ligament Pain in my pelvis area. I basically sat in front of the TV for 2 days with my work laptop next to me, The Good Wife playing on repeat in the background (I kept falling asleep so watched the same episode for about 4 hours.) and the cat splayed over my lap.

I was also on my own for 3 days last week as Giles was away with work and I did not cope well. Thursday evening in between being crippled on the coach I managed half an hour of standing up to whip up a spaghetti bolognaise which half of said bolognaise ended up on the floor when my serving spoon miraculously flipped itself into the air taking half my pan full with it. There were tears a plenty as I wiped meat sauce off the floor with kitchen roll. (and the floor still had a greasey shine to it when Giles got back Friday night.) It is also really hard taking care of yourself when you are not 100% your active self and it’s impossible to rest when you have to get your own glasses of squash and feed yourself. Once again I am in awe of anyone doing this solo – you ladies are modern day warriors.

We also got to take another peek at Baby E this week which was literally amazing but I won’t say too much as we haven’t yet revealed if bubba is a Baby D (blue) or a Baby M (pink) to all our friends and family; and yes we have chosen names already!

20 weeks bump2

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