My Pregnancy Diet

One of the best thing’s for me about not drinking is that I can spend what I would have spent on wine and gin on food and not feel guilty about it. So that mean’s lots of yummy lunch’s and no more squadgy handbag sandwiches!

I would just like to point out right from the start of this blog entry and that I am NOT a nutritionist and have no medical or nutrition training what so ever. Everything I write is my own personal experience based sometimes on professional opinion.

So now i’m in my 2nd trimester (currently 19 weeks) I am loving all food again and everything I went off in the 1st Trimester (chicken had me heaving at the very thought) is back on the menu (HOORAY!) for anyone still not quite here yet, you will get here just keep going!

I am so excited to be eating well again as I love good healthy food and feeling good about what I am putting in my tummy – especially now a little person is eating everything that I eat!

This week I’ve been eating:


Seafood Cocktail and Cucumber Roll – I had this for lunch three times last week and it involves either buying a pot of seafood cocktail sandwich filler or making your own using: cooked prawns, crab sticks, mayo, and ketchup (to make a cocktail sauce) mix it all together with a teaspoon of hot sauce!

Pea and Ham Soup – I had this for dinner with crusty bread on Sunday whilst watching a film with Giles and then again for lunch on Monday and Tuesday when it wasn’t that hot outside. I have a recipe over on my other blog: Pea and Ham Soup

Soup and Sandwich – The better alternative to the supermarket meal deal ( sandwich, crisps, and drink) For days when a sandwich just isn’t enough (got to get those extra calories in for baby!) but you don’t want to be naughty and have a bag of crisps. I had a small cheese, ham and pickle sandwich on crusty bread and a small mug of pea and ham soup on the side. So you get some yummy veg in with your lunch and it’s really comforting on a cold day. My hot day alternative is a sandwich and side salad.


Fruit, Yogurt, and Musli – This is my go to breakfast for 50% of the week. I mix musli with pecans and walnuts and add cold full fat milk let it sit for 10 minutes to soak up the milk then I top it with lemon or raspberry yogurt (Rachel’s Organic is my fav or Yeo Valley full fat versions) and fresh fruit which for me is either a banana, strawberry’s, raspberry’s, or all 3. It’s a great way to get a portion of fruit in early in the day and it will keep you full.

banna yog

Granary Toast, and yogurt – Another breakfast combo that i had this week (I like variety) was a slice of granary toast with marmite and yogurt on the side. This also keeps me full all morning. But I might take a banana for a mid-morning snack. The banana a day is also a great way to prevent leg cramps at night.

Croissant with Ham and Cheese –  This was Saturday breakfast as a weekend treat I cut the croissant in half and add a slice of emantal cheese and a slice of ham, fold together and oven the croissant for 10-15 minutes until warm and slightly crisp. It’s soooooo good, and mildly healthier than using bacon.


Cucumber and Cream Cheese on Ryvita – a great snack, low in calories but the cucumber provides lots of vitamins, and the cheese provides calcium to contribute towards cramp prevention.


Just cucumber and cheese – sometimes the Ryvita is not needed especially as I was feeling bloated.


Banana – I try and have one a day to help stave of night leg cramps.


Pork and Egg Fried Rice – My sister in law Kate made this for me for dinner and it was amazing! All her cooking is super healthy so it was low in fat and high in veggie goodness. I was feeling pretty bloated last week thanks to baby pushing on my stomach and constipation (sorry guys TMI but it is a major pregnancy woe) but eating lots of wholegrain rice helps with digestion.

egg friend rice

Chorizo Pasta – My go-to pasta dish and although not epically healthy I do always have pasta with a side salad.

chorizo pasta
If only this was all for me!

Pesto Topped Cod with salad and potatoes – Fish is really important in pregnancy and I love it so I whipped this up for a quick mid week dinner. Also because I miss home-made mayo I used shop bought which I put in a blender with some garlic cloves, chilli paste, and lemon juice to make a ‘sort of’ homemade garlic and chilli mayo to go with the salad and potatoes.



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