The Good’s and Bad’s of a Christmas Baby

The goods and bad’s of having and being a Christmas baby

So Giles and I are both Christmas/New Years baby’s (me Jan 2nd and him Dec 28th) and we always said we would never have a baby at Christmas as we know what it’s like to have to share your day/week of birth with Jesus.

But somehow we have ended up with a due date of Christmas Eve! How did that happen? Well I couldn’t wait that’s what happened and I was full of advice that ‘it can take 8 months to a year to get pregnant’ so why not start early! Well that back-fired didn’t it!


However we have decided to embrace our little Christmas bundle of joy and relish in the fact that our little darling can share this time with us. Here are some goods and bads of having and being a Christmas baby:

Let’s get the bad out the way first,

Father xmas.jpg

You can only have indoor birthday’s; whilst my sister had orienteering and farmer for a day I was stuck with the local swimming pool, or the community centre hall.

One present for both (sometimes)

Your poor family face bankruptcy over the festive period (especially true in our case seeing as our whole household will be birthdaying and christmasing it up in a one week period) Sorry Granny and Nanny!

It’s less ‘special’ because everyone is celebrating especially true if your born Christmas Day.

If you’re preggo on Christmas Day you can’t eat any of the good cheese’s

Your partner probably can’t drink until the baby is born in preparation for a hospital dash.

You might be so fat you won’t fit round the Christmas dinner table

Christmas shopping will be a certain kind of hell and you definitely won’t be able to fit in the line at Primark or Tesco.

No mulled wine for mummy.

Enjoying a mulled wine on holiday in Germany Pre-Preggo

And time for the good!


Babies born in the winter months are said to be less prone to allergies like Hay Fever.

By the time summer comes around your bubba will be 6 months old and hopefully ready to enjoy days out in the park and beach.

You don’t have to be fat and sweaty in the middle of summer as you will be happily wafting around in a maxi dress during your 2nd trimester in the summer months.

No morning sickness at Christmas! Imagine if you couldn’t stomach the turkey and all the trimmings!!

There is a small possibility if you are due around Christmas Day that the baby might come before and you can have some brie.

Most of the family has time off so you can enjoy lots of visits. In my case hubby is also off so there is no worry of going into labour while he is at work.

The child will NEVER have to go to school or maybe even work on his/her birthday (a benefit I myself have always enjoyed!)

They can have extra good birthday presents from Mum and Dad as they feel so guilty for giving you a Christmas birthday.

When they are older there are always good discounts on booze in the supermarkets for stocking up a party.

Lots of birthday money to spend in the January sales.

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